Chad and Aimee Fellows

Chad and Aimee Fellows

We met in 2nd grade and fell in love.
Aimee and I always knew we would marry.  In elementary school I pushed her for hours on the swing set.  We were four square partners.  As a recess team captain, she was the first girl I picked to be on my kickball team.  Aimee was athletic and adorable.  I was smitten.  We had a serious relationship from 2nd to 7th grade.  The first time we walked home together we were 100 feet apart.  By the time we reached our neighborhood we were side by side.  It felt right, walking shyly and silently by this crush of mine.  It felt long term.  “It” was the feeling of forever love.

Our houses were close, within 3 minutes walking distance, 1 min running.  I ran to her house plenty of times.  We hid together in neighborhood hide-and-seek games.  In 6th grade we went to our first movie together.  About half way through, our pinky fingers had inched close enough that they slid right around each other, then into a full hand clasp.  My sweaty but gleeful grip made that the best movie experience of a lifetime.  I don’t remember what movie played.  Just her…sitting next to me with my hand in hers.

After doing the 7th grade bug collection I broke up with Aimee and we parted ways throughout junior high.  She was heartbroken.  I was stupid.  I thought she hated me so we didn’t speak for 3 years.  We still went to church together.  She still lived around the corner.  I just didn’t run over there anymore.  Even worse, I wasn’t there for her as she went through major back surgery to remove a spinal tumor in 9th grade.  Regrets.

I took admirable notice of Aimee again in our sophomore year of high school.  She blossomed, meaning…she had formed amazing curves complementing her already beautiful face.  I was smitten, again.  I was tall and skinny…no curves, no bulk, no manly hair.  I sat 4 chairs behind her in health class believing she simply was out of my league.  Elementary love was distant, but the remarkably romantic closeness we shared for 5+ years was memory mortar, for both of us.

Miraculously, the summer before 11th grade, I heard through the rumor vine that Aimee Anderson LIKED ME!  It was incredulous, but I was giddy.  I called her on our corded dial phone from the privacy of my parents’ bedroom.

“Hi Aimee?  This is Chad Fellows.  So…do you like me?”
Yeah, awkward, but her response was yes!

Among many other tumultuous love tales through high school and lots of meetings halfway between houses, our love matured.  After a two year separation while I served a religious mission in Italy, we were reunited. However, Aimee had fallen in love when I was away. He asked her to marry him every day, but she was committed to wait until my return to decide. We were engaged within three months and married within six months of my return.

Claire Fellows with a chicken

Daughter, Claire

What does our love have to do with the Inn At Grace Farm?  Everything.
After 27 years of marriage, 41 years since our first love notes, we want to help others have a perfect wedding day.  We believe marriage is eternal, bound together by choice for forever.  We believe marriage is sacred in that we covenant together and before God to love, cherish, and cleave to one another.  We believe marriage can become far more than an ordinary companionship.  Romance, miracles, and adventures occur that get better with time notwithstanding all the many challenges that polish our rough edges.  Our failures, fights, triumphs, and passions culminate into beautiful growth.

daughter Kelly and son-in-law Judd

Daughter-in-law Kelly, son Judd

We found The Inn At Grace Farm for sale on a drive by. 
The stunning stone and barn wood exterior, the barn with windows and cupola, all nestled in a cove with a forested backdrop, piqued our interest enough to call.  The interior timber framing throughout was a rustic crafted masterpiece.  The rooms are big. The views are unforgettably Vermont and remind us of God’s majesty…and grace.  We wanted to share this with brides and grooms and their guests.  We wanted to create a place that makes that wedding day a day of celebration and commitment, a place that provides a perfect experience.

We welcome you to The Inn At Grace Farm & Wedding Barn.